Top 10 post automation tools for social media

Blogger Individuals and Companies alike are in a hurry all the time. Having to save time over social media is a virtue. Most bloggers sought after automation tools to ease their work life a bit. Here’s our compilation of top 10 post automation tools for social media:


CoSchedule is a great social media management tool – a hassle-free organizer that every social media marketer longs for. CoSchedule tweets helps in suggesting you the best time to send out these posts to attract maximum organic engagement. It saves up a lot of your time enabling you to be more interactive with your consumers.


Buffer automation is a great social media tool. It makes posting to social media really easy. You just have to create a queue of your posts and Buffer automation will post it directly for you. You don’t even need to schedule them. Buffer is also great in the data analytic department. This helps you in knowing what is actually working on your brand and what is not. The “Campaign Tracking” feature enables us to make sure that each and every link is unique to each update or post. This makes the study of analytics easier.


Hootsuite is like a dream for all those who work in social media world. It is a must for all those who take social media seriously. The online tool can be used to keep track of many social media channels at the same time. Further, it also helps you to know if your brand has been mentioned in any post.
When you know, what people are saying about your products or your brand it helps your company in a lot of ways. The Advanced Search tool in Hootsuite allows people to search for a brand or product for both its positive as well as negative mentions. Either ways, this will prove helpful to you. If people are saying something good about a certain product, you know what is working for the consumers. Even if the review is something negative, you can take care of the problem to make your products or services better.
Hootsuite is compatible with many different platforms. It allows you to schedule your posts. Again, Hootsuite also helps you to get an idea for the best time when posting would be the most fruitful. This is incredible to gain attention and promotion of your brand.
SociAlert: SociAlert automates hashtag search and allows you to analyse your tweets in real time. This is a great hashtag tracking tool that helps you to monitor your brand very easily over Twitter.


BuzzSumo is an automation tool that allows for searches to be conducted based on location, topic and area. It can also be used to communicate with key influencers by building lists.

it is a social media tool that lets quick publishing of your content. It helps you to curate content from various sources and share it with your opinion. It also make searching for content much easier by using a particular search bar for a particular topic.

Post Planner:

It helps you in being more visible on Twitter and Facebook and thus increasing your followers. It can also help you finding out something intelligent to post and share.


It is a great social media marketing tool that eases bulk scheduling of posts and updates. It also helps in team communication by organizing the things thus helping in team communication.

Sprout social:

This is a great tool for increasing your followers on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. It also enables article and blog publishing by planning the scheduling and posting. It is also very helpful in tracking hashtags, mentions and keywords.


It helps you in handling your social media apps easily by linking them together. It can then be used to pass information to these apps thus creating workflows. Zapier is especially useful for those who want to integrate process and automation into business.

Look out for these automation tools online to create a user-friendly hassle-free social media marketing experience. Comment below your favourite post automation tools. Let’s discuss more in the comment thread.

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