How to get tons of traffic on your site?

The first thing that we all worry about is the number of views and visits we shall gain after publishing a post on our blog. With the least amount of efforts, this can be done within a couple of months. I would love to present a quick guide on how you can let your post go viral. There is no secret mantra to this.

Getting traffic to your blog is now an easy-peasy game. You need not have tons of followers. You just need to target the right audience.

But before we talk about it, let’s understand the concept behind content strategy. A blog without a good content is not worth the blog. Make sure you create good quality content. Gone are the days when people resorted to short blog posts of 300-500 words. Nowadays, every other person wishes to know of the information their reading in detailed manner.

Provide a template to your blog. It is important that you set a template or theme for your blog posts include bullets, numbering, quotes, stats, charts, images, and much more. You surely get my point. What I am asking you to do is get your content into the world of blogging in the most smart way ever.

Secondly, before hitting the publish button, make sure you have target the right keywords for your post, are up front and running in your SEO Game.

Did you know? There is NO SECRET MANTRA TO BLOGGING! Be real and authentic.

I have seen many complaining that they don’t understand what needs to be done to get into the top 100s or top 1000s for that matter. Your goal as a blogger is to invest enough time into creating a rich resource of content for the topic you have chosen and write a detailed insight on the same. The best way to blog is to let your heart out in your post. It is always considered a goodwill and a win-win game when you create an insightful post about your topic. JUST LIKE THIS ONE.

Letting your users know about something for free will only and only add to the value of your blog. Also, the key to gaining tons of traffic is consistency.

The first question that arises here is, how consistent are you when it comes to blogging. Do you promote your blog posts equally and as consistently as you’re blogging?

Yes, it matters. For people like you and I who totally rely on their blogs for earning a good 5 digit salary, blogging and promoting the same in a consistent manner is equally important.

Creating a mail-list:

Apps like Mailchimp lets you store your subscription list intact and at one place. Have you signed up for our monthly newsletters yet? No! Click on the follow button on the right and you are good to go. We have a dedicated Newsletter edition that rolls out every month. This newsletter is the best way to be vocal about our blog site to our audience. Letting our audience know what is happening around helps them to visit and revisit our website, time and again.

Create a subscription list just like ours for yourself by visiting Mailchimp. There are a number of templates for your email newsletters to look like and you can fairly customize each of them and shoot a mail across your faithful subscribers.

Create a Content Calendar:

We at The Write Side Co. make sure that our clients are provided with the best of content calendars to let their work be unaffected for even a milli-inch. It is extremely important for a blogger to understand the usability of a content calendar. If you yourself aren’t sure of what and when are you supposedly working on your blog again, nobody else will take the interest in the same.

Create a content calendar and post it on your sidebar, this will help you to reconsider your previous and future drafts, schedule your posts on time, and promote and give them space equally.

Look out for tools like Buffer, Co Promote, CoSchedule, Hootsuite and others to Schedule your posts.What’s the best thing about it? You get to know your audience’s reaction on your post, views, visits, comments, likes and other such basic statistic in DETAIL! Scheduling your posts and executing the schedule on a timely manner is one of the biggest deals when it comes to the creation of content calendar.

Here’s a quick cheat-sheet for you to get tons of traffic:

Create Kickass Content
Work on your SEO And Keyword Skills
Create a Content Calendar
Manage your Subscription List
Schedule your posts
Promote your posts using social media scheduling tools

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