Do I need to write perfectly?

When I first started blogging, I had a fear of not getting a good response. When I received a few responses, I had a fear of not knowing how long will this be. When I realized that people still appreciate what I write,  I had a fear if I’d be able to satiate their hunger for learning from me. Everytime I crossed a milestone I realized that I had a fear of not being perfect. With time, I understood the fact that nothing in this world is perfect and we all need to go with the flow.

As a writer, we all self crticize our work and wonder if it has reached the optimum level of perfection. It is fine to have those little grammatical flaws (let ’em grammar nazis notice it, just smile), it’s also fine if you don’t construct a sentence the way it should be (just like this one). What matters is that you are striving for perfection but a little glitch shouldn’t cause any disappointment. Be open to criticism, and be fine if you have errors. Everyone does. 

We are humans, we are tuned to make errors. To err is human, to forgive is divine. Write that copy you wish to and make your ways to work on your goals. Don’t let perfection bring in an inferiority complex within you. It’s fine if your piece isn’t made perfectly. What matters is that you wrote something and catered to others and those others liked it.

The entire process of being in this vast industry is learning. Every time of your day, you end up learning some or the other elements that you later incorporate in your creative jumble. Make it a point that you learn from your mistakes. It’s okay to make mistakes, but don’t let it fall into your habit.

Because, nothing in this world is perfect. Not even this article. Let that grey space overtune your writing abilities. Make friends with discomfort and out of zone reachers. Word out your topic, ideate, write, re write – do it a thousand times. But once published don’t look back on the imperfections and flaws, admit your mistakes and errors – most importantly learn from them.

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