About us


Our Approach

Let’s start from scratch. Every project has a beginning and every project is valuable. Yet, all of these start with one thing  : An IDEA. We at “The Write Side Co.” help you push your blue prints to work and make it work like a majestic fairy tale. It’s easy-peasy, you shake hands with us and we’d slog our asses off creating the best suited content worth the penny.

Our Daughter Brands

The Write Side Co. is a collaborative approach to help readers come across quality content in order to learn and grow as a happily-knit community. With that being said, The Write Side Co. has four baby platforms curating niche specific potential content for viewers and readers.

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Our Story

As a freelance writer, Nikita came across a number of client profiles, start up firms, companies and brands that faced the same issue : Quality Content For The Value Spent. Dedicating her time as a passionate writer and strategist, Nikita brainstormed through how she can create a lucrative platform to help humanize these companies and clients reach potential audience.

First things first, there is no such thing as ROCKET SCIENCE. Everyone, including you and I have the potential to build content that can reach higher number of organic and potential audience. But, The Write Side Co. has its own added secret flavor to it. Wish to know what that is? Connect with us.


Meet the Founder

Nikita Raikwar

Founder & CEO

An Author and Doodle Artist by profession, Nikita is the mastermind behind The Write Side Co. To boast a little, she owns more than 750 Books and proudly calls herself a ‘Book Dragon’. For everyone else, she is an animal-lover. A Writer and Book-hoarder, Nikita’s life revolves around novels. When not working at The Write Side Co, you’d find her cooking delicacies in the kitchen.