#7 Steps : How to start a blog?

When one looks out for reasons to write, I prefer and assume that it is safe to say, that one should resort to blogging. Yet then, there are quite a few questions that pop up in our minds and we don’t really know how to go about it. I came up with my extensive guide on how to start a blog and presume that these 7 steps are you go-to basic guidelines to initiating your blogging game.

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1. Where do I start?

Think what you want to blog about! Ideate on your blog subject. Choose a theme. Understand the fact that you need to create content. Be creative with your words and ideas. see what you can do to chalk out a plan on how do you initiate with the blogging game.

2. What platform do I resort to?

Internet offers an extensive number of blogging platforms, but I personally recommend one to use WP – WordPress. Apart from these there’s Blogger, Tumblr, Squarespace, medium, Quora and many more to add on.

3. How do I pick a niche?

If you are the kind who is “Jack of all trades and master of none” – then keep your blog subject broad – Many content oriented websites have a large category base and topics to write on. Choose wisely the kind of subject you think you fit in and have enough information, knowledge and most importantly INTEREST to write on. If you yourself are bored to write a blog – imagine how boring it would be for others to read it. Once you pick your niche – Ideate on blog topics to write on!

4. What do I write about?

Blogging is more than just writing about something. You can write about N Number of things and the N equals to infinity. Now, for instance, you own a travel blog – then these are a few brain-stormers to keep you up at blogging!

  • Travel Stories
  • Travel Tips and Tricks
  • Inspirations
  • Travel Movies – Reviews
  • Travel Books
  • Travel Merchandises
  • Travel Guide
  • Travel Log
  • Travel and Tourism Destinations
  • Location specific travel
  • Information of Transportation – Flight Deals, Hotel Accommodation, Trains, Buses, etc.
  • Incorporate Food or Fashion with Travel
  • Incorporate a place to your story to make it look like a travel story. Be creative! Make a fiction look real!
5.What should a blog content incorporate?

Do not forget to have your blog content word count above 300 words. Don’t try using words that are hard to comprehend, instead, sort out for words that can be easily read and understood.

Adding 2-3 images to your blog (relevant to your content) is also a major beneficial ranking factor to your blog ~ Choose the right keyword

6. How to get viewers and readers?
The only way to get active blog readers and followers, you need to be consistent.
When you publish a new post it is directly pressed in the freshly pressed area (making it visible for others to have a look at) In this manner, if you happen to be in the freshly pressed area for a long time (By posting on frequent intervals – preferably once or twice a week)  You can get a good amount of readers coming your way!

Also, don’t forget your feature image is bound to attract the audience, so make sure you add one or just create one using Amazingly Simple Graphic Design Software available on the internet. (It’s simple easy and user-friendly – just log in and choose the templates from many.)

7. How do I promote my blog?

Check out what are the social media timings for your blog when you have the most visitors (by visiting you WP Site Stats) When you publish a blog only 40% of your work gets done, the rest 60% revolves around promotions. So make sure that you promote your blog posts with the links all the time! If you are unable to shell out time to promote you can automate the message with:

I hope this guide will help steer your passion for blogging and that you can improvise on your skills. Comment below on how do you work your ways into turning you blog game stronger. If you happen to like my post, give this post a thumbs up by liking below.

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